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In the face of the outlook of a global economic downturn, businesses’ ability to improve the cash-conversion cycle has become more important than ever. Inaccurate, inconsistent, or late reports could undermine any financial leaders’ careers.

Benefits of Atradius Global:

Atradius Global was set up to exclusively meet the needs of multinational businesses. We are one team, located in every continent. The service we provide is tailored to meet your needs and every one of our clients is unique. At its simplest, we can help you streamline your risk management processes, promoting competitive advantage and maximised efficiency.

Debt Collections

Benefit from streamlined reporting, worldwide expertise, and a professional partner sensitive to your brand reputation and your customers’ cultural background. As part of our global solutions for multinationals, Atradius Collections provides tailored debt collections services. Our team of international experts possess local knowledge of where you trade and act with a high level of professionalism. Whether you want to outsource, standardise your accounts receivable process, or simply seek local debt collections support, we are ready to respond. A win for both cash flow and productivity of multinationals.

Transparent and trusted

With the speed and efficiency brought to the table through our specialised systems and expertise, you can free up your own staff to focus on your key customers and business processes.

Robust, centralised, risk mitigation

As an Atradius Global Credit Insurance policyholder you will enjoy unrivalled access to our experts, including our senior risk underwriters, who will enable you to exploit competitive advantage in your markets through the identification of opportunities and reduction of risk. Atradius Credit Insurance will enable you to reduce your bad debt provision while giving you the confidence to seek out new markets and customers.

Benefits of Atradius Global:

Allocated your own account manager who provides face-to-face contact and in-depth local knowledge.

Experiencing our ‘global reach and local expertise’ service. Our worldwide offices can locally support your offices wherever they are located. Our dedicated Atradius Global team will support you wherever your customers are.

Supported with a full-spectrum of debt collection services including: amicable collections, account receivables management, insolvency services, invoice checking, standby servicing and legal collection services.

Supported by specialist analysts and underwriters who provide valuable intelligence on markets, risk, trade and opportunities.