To HP Inc., Atradius Collections is not just an external solution, but part of its internal strategy. “When we have a fallback solution, which is Atradius Collections, we can draw a line in our collections strategy,” says Gasca. “Essentially, Atradius Collections helps in terms of addressing customers that we either could not address successfully, or we could not trigger payment. This creates process congruence for us. It gives us peace of mind, knowing that for relevant items, there will be someone working on them. It also gives our senior executives comfort that we are not just writing off. We are now moving cases to someone who can really help with recovery.”

"We share the same mission: making HP Inc. more profitable."

Alex Gasca

Global default and recover manager at HP Inc.

Looking back at the collaboration that has lasted for more than 10 years, Gasca has only good words. “We are aware that we are no longer as big of an account to Atradius Collections as we were. But we have not felt like Atradius Collections has dropped the focus or the attention for HP Inc. The level of support we get is fantastic. We meet each other every two weeks with our global team. We address structural issues and concerns. We are pleased that from the outset, Atradius Collections is open, transparent, and constructive, even at a personal level. I believe that the relationship we have is truly excellent and HP Inc. is very happy with it. This is one of the reasons that we have been renewing the partnership for more than 10 years.” And the key to this fruitful collaboration? “We share the same mission: making HP Inc. more profitable,” says Gasca. “Collecting debts – the big challenge – has worked out very well, from the earliest cases to today’s. I'm really impressed with Atradius Collections. Yes, I am.”

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