Spanish chemicals production growth is expected to increase about 2.5% this year. Profit margins remained stable over the past 12 months, mainly due to less volatility in oil prices.

In general, access to bank financing for chemicals businesses has improved in recent years, for both short-term financing (working capital management) and long-term facilities (i.e. capital expenditure financing). Gearing of businesses in this sector is generally low.

Payment practice

Payments in the Spanish chemicals sector take 60 days on average. The number of payment delays and insolvencies has been very low over the last couple of years, and this is expected to remain unchanged this year, due to fairly stable commodity prices and the positive growth outlook of the Spanish economy.


Economic growth is expected to continue strong, but not as strong as in previous years. This decline has resulted in a slow recovery from Spain’s high level of insolvencies in 2018 (-3%).

Trade receivables risk mitigation

Third-party collections

Should your debtors fail to meet their payment obligations, Atradius Collections can help by initiating a professional collection process. We focus on preserving the relationships between you and your debtors at all times.

Our team of collection specialists carry out the collection process in-house, contacting the debtors both by phone and in writing. When there is a dispute, we aim to reach an amicable solution between you and the debtor. All contractual documents are analysed (e.g. signed contracts, orders, confirmations, invoices and delivery notes, as well as standard terms previously agreed upon). The investigations are completed with the assistance and agreement of our legal team.

Legal collections

If third-party collections do not yield results, we would consider taking legal action after consulting with you. Entering into legal proceedings is possible without prior warning to the debtor. Anyway, it will be advisable to exhaust the amicable options before starting legal action, considering its expensive cost, especially when there is a dispute.

In cases where the debtor is traceable but our amicable actions are unsuccessful, our lawyers’ network will advance with pre-legal action, paying a visit to the debtor to make use of all collection chances. If the lawyer´s actions are favourable, a fee will be chargeable to you according to the final collected amount. If the actions taken by the lawyer are unsuccessful, we will assess if further legal action is viable or not.

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