Preventive measures

1. Check for disputes before they arise

This preventive effort helps you discover causes for disputes early, and gives you an opportunity to handle them before they become real disputes. Even when you are already managing disputes, by checking on your other customers, you can prevent more potential disputes from arising.

There are several ways you can check for disputes with your customers. Depending on your relationships, you can send them emails or give them courtesy calls. It is essential to confirm the process that both parties have agreed on so far, and iron out any concerns the customers might have. Some questions you may consider asking your customers: • Have you received the invoice(s)? • Is there anything you disagree with? • Would there be any payment delays?

If there are problems at this stage, you have more time to address them, and more chance to sort them out before the affected invoices are due.

Besides, you should keep records of all the information gathered at this stage, including details received in phone calls, emails, or letters. They play a vital role in supporting any further dispute handling or collections activity down the road.

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