Learn the top warning signs of poor financial leadership and how to optimize reporting

In the face of the outlook of a global economic downturn, businesses’ ability to improve the cash-conversion cycle has become more important than ever. Inaccurate, inconsistent, or late reports could undermine any financial leaders’ careers.

Top warning signs of poor financial leaders

Many aspire to achieve the latter in their careers, and may unknowingly, start to slack off on the former and fall short.

When asked about the telltale signs of poor finance directors, the majority of surveyed financial professionals revealed the following factors:

  • Poor financial reports (nearly 70%)
  • Lack of attention to detail (more than 50%)
  • Late reporting (50%)

These days, it is no longer about presenting transactional data of business activities. It reflects the financial health of an organisation and reveals what the next steps should be. This is a compass for executives, board members, and investors to make decision on capital allocation.

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